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"...mystical, drama-laden female harmonies-led trip-pop is going to haunt your every midnight hour from now til summer I reckon." Nightshift Magazine

"...a band who deserve more than to be yet another one of Oxford music’s best kept secrets." Nightshift Jan '22


Oxford’s Barricane, described as modern folk with a femme fatale twist, is fronted by singer songwriters Rosy and Emily. Their often-haunting harmonic acrobatic vocals are the pivotal point around their often climactic, atmospheric stormy, energetic songs. Described by Nightshift Magazine as ‘Oxford’s best folk band’, they released their debut album ‘The Sky and Us’ during lockdown and followed it up in spring 2023 with their single ‘Saltwater’. In February 2024 they released a double single, Walking in the Dark and Night Out. 







Nick Lawrence


We are heart broken to share the news of the death of our friend and guitarist, Nick Lawrence, who died on the 27th May by suicide.


Nick was in Oxford band Decovo and also joined Barricane early this year. He was talented and hilarious and silly and kind and fun and he very quickly became a good friend and comrade. It has been an enormous joy to sing and play with him regularly and in gigs around Oxford.


Nick was heavily involved in trying to get people talking about mental health through work and we- along with all his family, friends and work family- are just so shattered to lose him to mental illness at so young an age.

We implore you all: if you’re struggling; if you suspect or know that you are depressed; if you find yourself masking or hiding that depression for fear of judgement or rejection or if you notice yourself having suicidal thoughts- or even planning it; please get help! You can consider us your friend and a safe space to come to. If not us or a friend text shout on 85258 or call the Samaritans on 116 123. 


We pay tribute to him as a wonderful guitarist, who brought us gorgeous music and magic. It was an honour and a joy to sing and play with him and we will miss that greatly.


Thank you for the laughs and hilarity, Nick. Thank you for supporting us, even if you were struggling. Thank you for all you taught us. And thank you for the music.

"He was an incredibly versatile musician. He quickly realised that we weren't looking for a typical "lead guitar" in Barricane and that he had to find his unique guitar "voice". We worked together at least once or twice a week for these last four months and he utterly nailed it. He found gorgeous counter patterns to my guitar picking and subtle but cut through riffs that complemented our harmonies brilliantly. It was creative, interesting and completely Barricane. He was also incredibly fun to be in a band with. He had a very dry, cheeky and often unexpected humour. He was committed and kind and we're going to miss him terribly." Emily

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