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Songfidence with Barricane

Rosy and Emily run songwriting workshops for students aged 11 to 18. Students are guided through different approaches to songwriting to build confidence and have fun!


Workshop Structure



A bit about us and why we love doing what we do.


Elements of a song

We will examine structure, lyrics, melody, harmony and riffs by deconstructing songs and discussing the elements as a group.


Write a song together

In smaller groups we will choose a theme and voice and experiment with different chords and melodies. As the song starts to emerge, we can apply the elements of a song we have learnt about. We may even try to perform one of the songs we’ve created!

Curriculum Links


PSHE - mental health and wellbeing​

English - poetry and prose​

Music- composition and performance

Key messages


You don’t have to be a trained musician to write a song

Anyone can write a song! We show you some techniques that work for us.

Writing music can boost your mental health and give you confidence

Singing releases endorphins! Imagine what singing a song that you wrote feels like?

Songwriting as a group fosters connection

Collaboration in music is a great skill to learn early.

We had a great day and the students really enjoyed it. The feedback has been good and the Head was delighted with the songs that the students contributed to and that you performed. The concert in the evening was a real pleasure for everyone.

- Briony Walster, Head of Music Wychwood School

More information

Prices vary depending on the number of students and other add ons. Get in touch and we can tailor a package to suit your schools needs.


For more information contact us on

Download a brochure


The whole band can be booked to perform for the school as an added extra to the workshop day.

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